Welcome to Integrative Family Care! We are trying to transform healthcare by returning it to its roots—the doctor-patient relationship. We are so excited you found us and are looking forward to many years of working together. Here’s how things work around here. If you have any questions, please ask!

LOCATION:  Our office is located at 2200 Victory Parkway, Suite 603.  Limited appointments will still be available with Dr. Mechley at our West Side location at Beacon Orthopedics, 6480 Harrison Ave, Suite 100, Cincinnati OH, 45247 to make it convenient for patients who live on the West Side of town.

BUSINESS HOURS: Monday-Friday 8 – 5.  Evening hours vary, please ask!

APPOINTMENTS: For all appointments, please use the Schedule Appointment link on the “For Members” page.  If you have any difficulties, just call!  Please do not walk-in to the office for unscheduled care. For us to run on time and meet your expectations, we stay on task as much as possible. Walk-ins, for any purpose, make it hard for us to concentrate.

AFTER-HOURS CONCERNS: We want to take great care of you. We understand sometimes you get an infection, fall out of a tree, or have an asthma exacerbation outside of office hours. We are available after 5pm and on weekends for urgent health matters. We rely on you to be responsible with this access. Please call Dr. Glass or Dr. Mechley after business hours if you have an urgent concern that would lead you to go to the urgent care. If we can help, and save you hassle and money, we will!  NO TEXTING after hours!  If it’s casual enough for a text, it can wait until business hours.  If it’s urgent, we need a real phone call.

COMMUNICATION: Did you sign up for the Spruce app?  Did you turn Notifications ON?  Please do!  Please use the Spruce app to call and text us.  This will not only provide a secure method to communicate, it will also identify you as a patient for a quicker response.  Due to the secure nature of Spruce, it takes several rings before it reaches us, so please stay on the line until we answer or you get our voicemail.  Again, being able to communicate with you makes both of us happy. J

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Our policy is ‘no news is no news’. You should always hear from us about ANY tests you have through Integrative Family Care. If you do not hear from us within 1-2 weeks on most matters, please contact us. Sometimes we get busy. Other times, things get lost in translation-- the medical world still uses paper fax for most things (ugh!).

Phone calls: will be returned the same or very next business day. Please leave a message. Repeated calls slow us down and delay your care. 

Insurance prior authorizations: If you have insurance and need imaging or a referral to a specialist, we will process this for you. Behind the scenes, however, understand that at times these prior authorizations can take OVER TWO HOURS of a staff member or provider’s time. Please be patient.  We don’t usually do disability paperwork. You will need a formal disability evaluation. Claims are almost *always* denied if a specialist is not involved.

MEDICATION & REFILLS: Please bring your pill bottles with you to your visits. It helps so much.

Refills: If you need refills, please call your pharmacy and they will fax us the request.  Refills take 2-3 business days, so please plan accordingly.

LABS:  You can pay cash out of pocket (we have a price list for labs, negotiated to some of the lowest rates in the city!) or you can bill your insurance.

VACCINES:  We don’t carry them onsite.  They are VERY expensive to maintain so like many independent practices, we have partnered with local pharmacies and the Health Department for vaccine administration.

PAYMENT: Payment matters. We are purposefully small. We have a very tight budget and we like it that way. We can save people A LOT of money and and keep costs low if everyone plays their part. The membership fee is due monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on your preference. Members who accrue more than 30 days of unpaid balance may be discharged from the practice. Members who choose to ‘sign off and on’ will be charged a $250 re-join fee each time they desire to re-join. This is because we cannot keep costs low for everyone if some folks use us as a fee-for-service clinic.

YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT:  Lots of important stuff happens!

  • Are you coming from an office that uses Mychart? Please bring your login and password.  We can download important health history from your chart directly into your new medical record.

  • Please bring all pill bottles so we can reconcile your meds.

  • Have you received your SignNow email?  It includes our patient contract.  This helps us support each other responsibly. And yes, we also have a HIPPAA form for you to sign! Can’t avoid it. Do you have Medicare?  We have one extra form for you to sign when you arrive at the office.

  • We will check your access to Spruce and On-line Scheduling.  Super important!

  We are changing healthcare—and we are so grateful you’re on board!