What is Integrative Family Care?

Direct primary care is a simpler way of delivering primary care. Its an old-fashioned model, with a twist. You pay one fee, and that’s it. All your visits are included, with deeply discounted labwork. And best of all? You have access to your family doctor. No more waiting for weeks for an appointment.



Redefine the patient and physician experience in healthcare.

We believe that for patients, good health is achieved by delivering continuity of care, uncompromising standards, and easy accessibility; in an environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle for all. We use the core foundations of outstanding family medicine, lifestyle approaches, and integrative modalities to help you accomplish your goals.

Our practices focuses on thorough primary care, with the support of integrative and lifestyle modalities. If you are interested in working with a functional medicine specialist or an alternative medicine consultant, we would be happy to provide names of people we trust.

Accepting New Patients

We are accepting new patients at our Edgecliff and Beacon West locations. Have questions? Call or text 513-457-4073



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