What’s Included

Your membership fee has many services included and deep discounts on labs. This list is not fully inclusive. If any procedure or additional care is needed, you will receive upfront cash based pricing.


Dr. Glass and Dr. Mechley are board certified family medicine trained physicians. We care for 85% of a person’s medical needs across a lifetime. The above list is not fully inclusive. If any procedure or additional care is needed in our office, you will receive upfront cash based pricing for that care. We will engage in a shared decision of what is right for you and you will be able to accept or decline any care and additional cost that is presented before the care is given.

We encourage you to maintain medical insurance that will be used for any care outside of our office. You may choose to use insurance for labs or any outside imaging or services. We think you will soon recognize the benefits of deeply discounted cash based pricing that we can offer you as our patient.

What your care at Integrative Family Care does not cover:

We do not have onsite immunizations at this time. We know this would be convenient but it is cost prohibitive. We will counsel you and your family on what is needed and guide you to the best place to receive them. Most are covered by insurance! 

We do not provide hospital care but we will coordinate care with your hospital care team while in the hospital. We have a system that alerts us if you are admitted, but we would love to hear from you as soon as you are able to let us know. We will see you as soon as you need when you are discharged and will have access to all your records. 

We do not provide care during your pregnancy but can provide pre-conception counseling, pregnancy confirmation testing and refer you to a preferred OB/GYN in our area. We will care for you and your newborn after delivery including breastfeeding support. 


We do not carry any controlled medications in the practice and do not routinely prescribe narcotic pain medications for chronic pain. 


We do see non-member patients for urgent visits, only as time allows.
This is a one-time charge of $150. Our members have preferential scheduling.